Make me choose » anonymous asked: Jemi or Nemi?

Anonymous: Demi Lovato Full Interview - TheSocialCTV 

See y’all can youtube that

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authornemilove: you can upload that video. where Demi no mention olivia ... please 

I don’t know where it is. You can look it up on YouTube

Anonymous: it's on youtube 

Well there you go

Anonymous: Can you post that video that last question was talking about? 

I have no idea where it is

Anonymous: OMG in an interviw for The Social CTV, Demi said: "It's reat to see Kevin with a kid.. a beautiful, beautiful baby and Joe with Blanda and Nick with "his new girlfriend"..." She didn't said Olivia and I don't know why but the face after she said that looked like she was jealous..! 

I’m aware

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Anonymous: can you dumb-down the ending to the ask that anon asked you. about the baby from your last fan fic 

That wasn’t supposed to post, it wasn’t done. I’ll post it again when I finish it.

“I just recorded a song with my good friend Nick and musical magic happened. I think at some point we’ll release that. I wanna do a side project with him.”
— Demi

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youreallynevercanfixaheart: OMG! That was so cute! 


infinitelylovato: I need you to stop messing with my emotions please thanks 

Trolololol no can do

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