I still can’t believe that photo set with the fake quote about Nick checking Demi’s wrists has over 53 THOUSAND notes.


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“I didn’t even mean to ship it this hard”
— My Autobiography, Chapter 7 (via lastisle)


when Joe and Blanda get married, can Demi be Nick’s date?

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Nemi + “Heart and Soul” performances

"There’s nobody like him in my life that I felt connected to through music." - Demi Lovato.
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Anonymous: I'm sorry this might be a stupid question to ask but what is a Drabble? Is it like a one shot? 

Yeah it’s like a shorter one shot. Just a quick little fic

Anonymous: whats your make up routine? 

I’m only answering makeup questions on likeyouredimaggio

Answering makeup questions on my actual blog rn and so ya know. If you have questions pertaining to makeup…


Leaking from demidirt

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