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Demi's POV

I placed my sun glasses onto my face as I took the first step back into reality. Right away I heard screaming and shouting. I knew it was going to be like this, the first pap to get a picture of Demi Lovato was going to get the bigger pay check. I kept my head down as my body guard pushed through everyone for me. I felt trapped, so many people surrounding me. Once I finally got into the car, that was the only moment slience was able to take over.

I placed my head back onto the seat but soon jumped as I heard banging on the tented windows.

"Let's get her out of here!" Tony, my main guard shouted.

I laughed to myself "Great to be out."

I was very happy to be out of the Treatment Center. I sighed looking out of the window, I had always loved Chicago, it was always nice to come visit, but I never thought I'd see the day I'd come here to join a treatment center. My life had become a living hell, I don't know when or exactly how but I know that it all just became to much.

Some may say it was because of Joe Jonas and his newly found vampire Ashley Greene, yes, I must admit those two played a part. But no one person can get the blame. Of course it was hard seeing them together every single second while on tour. He seemed so happy while I had to fake a smile but his smiles were all real. And yeah it broke my heart when I found out Wouldn't Change a Thing was cut for a few shows. How can you not sing like the main song?!

But that's behind me now. Maybe one day Joe and I will become friends again. But like I said, no one person can be blamed. Some things were my fault, yes MY fault. The partying, the drinking. Hanging with the wrong people, none of them were my real friends. When I entered treatment, not one of them said a damn thing about me. It's like my whole world came crashing down. But I'm out now, I'm stronger than ever and no one can bring me down.

I know who my real friends are, and I know who'll be there for me when I need them. I smiled remembering one special person at the moment. Getting off of the plane heading back to the limo I looked to my driver.

"Hey driver, take me to Outback Steakhouse."

"Right away Miss Lovato."

Once we got there, I ordered two Steak dinners. I smiled down at the take out tray's. Making my way back to the limo, I told the driver to take me to another area of LA. It was nearly dark now but I didn't mind, I knew this was the place he'd be, making wonderful music. Something I couldn't wait to get back too. I fixed my hair and slowly knocked on the metal door.

"Mom! It's open just come on in!" he yelled.

I smiled opening the door, walking a little further down the hall, I found him busy doing the one thing he truly loved.

"Now, now didn't mommy ever tell you to lock the doors?"

His head instantly shot up and I giggled. "D-Demi?!"

I nodded "Hello Nick J."

"Demi, Demi, Demi!" he yelled swinging me in his arms. I laughed, I've missed him, one of my best friends.

"That's my name don't wear it out." I smiled.

He grabbed my hand and lead me to a small sofa that was placed in the corner of the room.

"W-when did you--get out?"

"Just a few hours ago, I came straight here, well almost, I brought you some food! Steak and shrimp, your favorite."

"Thanks Dems I'm starved." he said taking the containers from my hands. "But I don't want to eat right now, let's talk! I can't believe you're back!"

"It was only 3 months Nick, not that long." I laughed.

I smiled as he stroked my cheek "3 months far too long Demi."

"I've missed you Nick J."

"And I've missed you Demetria Lovato, but I'm happy that you're back. So happy. How are you?"

"Well Nick, these past few months were hell but I'm getting better. Enough about me! Tell me about the new girlfriend, Samantha." I smiled.

"Samantha who?"

"Nick!" I gasped.

He laughed "I'm sorry Demi, my mind isn't focused on her right now. You're back, you're finally back. I don't want to talk about her, you're the main topic."

"Fineee, speaking of me, I hope one or two songs have been written for me. I've heard about all the time you've been spending here in the beat lab."

"One or two? Demi you were on my mind everyday! It's probably at least a dozen written with you on the brain."

"Aw, anyone ever tell you how amazing you are?" I joked

"Once or twice but it's always good coming from someone just as amazing."

We both smiled at each other. This is one of the many things I love about Nick. I was always able to smile with him, when we were on tour, I remember him staying by my side never leaving me and if he really did have to leave, it was certain he'd check on me every ten minutes. I'll always be mad at myself for never realizing how great Nick was sooner.

We weren't talking, we both just smiled keeping our thoughts to ourselves. That is, until Nick spoke.

"You hear that?"

I knitted my eyebrows together "W-what?"

"Dead slience, which means we both have something to say to each other."

I laughed "You're so smooth."

He slid his arm around my waist pulling me into his chest "I've missed that, your laugh, your smile, your face, your beauty. Dammit Demi I've just missed you. This is what I've wanted, to see that smile again."

I looked up at him, my smile eating my face. Story of my life. I noticed something in Nick's eyes that I had never noticed before, there was a twinkle in them.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Looking at you like what? I've looked at you the same way for the past 4 years, you've just never noticed."

"Your eyes, I see--love in them. It's like you're smiling down at me through them." I whispered.

"Long story dated the wrong Jonas."

"Wha-" but before I could even finish the word, Nick's lips were on mine. My best friend was kissing me, something I never thought would happen. He ran his hand gently through my hair while pulling me even closer with his other. I found myself being placed onto his lap, a leg on each side of his body. My own hands reached up to cup his face, this kiss was wrong. But it felt so right between Nick and I. His tonuge traced my bottom lip but before I let him go any further, I pulled away. My eyes fluttered open.

"Ni-ck." I said raising my fingers to my lips "What was th-at?"

He put his hands on each side of my hips keeping me in place once I tried to get up.

"That was a kiss." he smirked.

"You and your sarcasm kills me." I smiled. "But really where did that come from?"

He ran his index finger over my lips "How can one person be so blind? Demi I'm always there for you, I was always the Jonas to mention your name in every interview, every live chat, I'm the shy Jonas, the Jonas that gives one armed hugs, the one that is afraid to dance because he knows he can't. But Demi, what do I do for you? I hug you with both arms, embracing you as much as I can, I dance on stage with you. Remember Heart and Soul Demi?" he laughed "You make me do crazy stupid things that I've always been scared to do. I've always been insecure about my smile, but you Demi Lovato make me want to do nothing BUT smile. You've just never taken the time to notice. I was never the right Jonas in your eyes."

"Nick I...don't know what to say. You're my best friend. I--Nick."

He shrugged his shoulders with a smile "Well I didn't expect you to fall madly in love with me as soon as I kissed you...yet."

"What about Joe? Samantha?"

"What about Joe? Dems, he broke up with you. He has no say in who you're able to date...even if it's me. And Samanta? Well I don't know at the moment. All I know is that you're the girl I've been waiting for."

I took a deep breath ready to speak but Nick quickly said "Nobody has to know."

I smiled "Give us time to grow."

"And take it slow." we both said together.

I leaned down giving him a soft kiss on the lips. I sighed...a happy sigh.

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